Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tool #9

1. Without tying technology to the objective, the equipment becomes superfluous at best, a time-waster at worst.
2. I have worked very hard to hold all students accountable for every activity in my classroom. Stations are an assignment, and thus, no different.
3. Many of these particular sites are not applicable. However, there are some good applications of thinkfinity, but the site is rather difficult to figure out. The timeglider site is excellent, but I can't use that for very many activities. There are many various ways to hold students accountable, but it either ends with a product created or some other type of assessment.
4. I am a huge fan of the app. Latin dictionaries are excellent. Sentence diagrammr will be a fantastic way to practice parts of speech. There are many more I look forward to using these frequently, and I might even let students hunt for their favorites.
5. There are other ways to use the ipad, as not all good applications have apps. Some websites such as the Latin textbook online would be great for students to use. The netbooks will be useful for recording students speaking individually to practice pronunciation.

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