Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tool #7

With Latin being a NON spoken language, I found quite a lot of difficulty in thinking of ways to collaborate with other classrooms. I did think of trying to get an "expert", and I still might consider this, but those can be hard to find...anyone want to offer a suggestion? So here goes my idea- I would like to do this with my former student teacher who now works in Pearland.

1. Objective: Students will use English derivatives in context (prose).
2. Time Frame: Could be implemented toward the end of any chapter/unit
3. Tool: Google Docs
4. Students will be given a list of vocabulary words derived from Latin vocab in both classes. Students will be paired/grouped with some students from each class. In pairs, students will be assigned half the vocabulary each. Students will be given the first sentence as a theme. Students will take turns writing until an assigned vocabulary word is used, then switch to the other student. Continue until the story is written.

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