Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tool #6

I like all of these tools. I started with word wall. This has multiple applications in a Latin classroom. It could be used as a way to discuss culture, especially with images from the internet.

I can also use it to discuss grammar points in a particular story, such as the one below where students learn the imperfect and perfect tenses of verbs.

It requires every student to participate and a good way to evaluate what each student is thinking about. It also allows students to share at their own pace. Some will wait to see what others post and get ideas from it, while others will be ready to share immediately. It does make me think about how I could incorporate many of these ideas (from all the tools) into a grading rubric.

TodaysMeet can perform a very similar function, without the additional graphics link. It can be a fast tool for discussion and opinion. It is very easy to set up, and given a computer lab (or our new computers used as classroom stations), it can be a good review (or preview)

Ok- I just went to test these, and I really don't see the purpose of the imbed code for the wallwisher. It doesn't seem to do anything but add a picture to this blog. I was really hoping that students could click on it to respond. Guess I'll have to use the link. Oh, well...


  1. Thanks for testing this, you had me all excited on using it to see what students know and now that you have told me it is useless, I can skip it.

    1. I absolutely do not think that it is worthless! My comment was that one cannot imbed wallwisher or in a blog, but it works just fine, and actually might be quite useful in a variety of situations.