Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tool #2

I found Google Reader to be a very useful tool for following blogs. I had no idea that something like this existed! The only thing that confused me a little was that the further you scroll down in a blog, the more it downloads from the blog site! I guess it will just be something to get used to.

I have always been interested in sharing information about teaching, as there just aren't many Latin teachers. I am not a texter, nor do I have a facebook account, as I don't see much use from it. However, there are lots of Latin teaching sites I can follow with useful information. http://blogs.transparent.com/latin/ is just one example of a good one to read. As time goes by, I will be able to see which ones are truly useful for teaching.

1 comment:

  1. Love that you were able to find a blog for arborgate...I am stealing that ides from you, but I'm going to put it in my blog list...thanks for the great idea.