Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tool #5

After spending a good hour or so in mixbook, I became extremely frustrated. It does seem quite useful, and people I know use it, but I ran into several difficulties. It is extremely difficult to find pictures in the public domain to use. The easiest way to do this would be to use personal photos, which I do not have. Therefore, it was not the best option for me at this time. Soooo, I have been working in Animoto, which is very user friendly, has some pictures already available, and I have found some useful pictures online.

This animoto shows things of importance in Italy.

I spent a while with both and I instantly saw all kinds of uses for them both. I think I prefer wordsift because it has more features, but I like abcya because you can save the document and reuse it. Neither one provides imbed codes. Uses. I can see where I could type in the text of a story we are reading in Latin, finding the most common words, and discussing those as a prereading activity both to clarify vocab but also as a prediction tool. The wordsift site would be most useful with English text, such as a myth or cultural reading, as students could use the definitions web, the images, and the use in the story context to help them through difficult vocabulary. I am looking forward to using these frequently in my classes.

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  1. FINALLY!!!! You have made an animoto...I knew I would make an
    animotoist out of you...only took 6 years! Congratulations dude!